Libvoikko for Windows

Here you can find the native Voikko libraries for the Windows operating system. The files are useful for software developers only.

Versions available for download

VersionBuild dateSupported dictionary format version
3.4.1+win22012-03-27v2 (Malaga)
3.6.1+win12013-09-29v2 (Malaga)
3.82015-10-05v2 (Malaga)
4.1.1+win12017-12-06v5 (VFST)
4.3+win12019-11-24v5 (VFST)


The files listed above have been built using the cross compilation procedure outlined in the Voikko Wiki. The libraries have been statically linked with all their dependencies. This means that they should work on all supported Windows systems (Windows XP and later).

There are at least three files for each version: libraries for 32 and 64 bit Windows and the complete corresponding source code. For some versions additional build artifacts may have been made available such as command line tools for testing the library.

Support for using these libraries in software development is provided by Harri Pitkänen ( For general information see the web site for Voikko.